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Andy took these pictures last Thursday. The latest report says the fire has burned about 22,000 acres and is now 50% contained. Hopefully there will be no more surprises. There was one last weekend — they closed State Route 4, the one needed to get to the land, so Andy stayed home Sunday. But they lifted the restriction the next morning.

And, of course, other fires are breaking out in the state. It is that time of year.

In the meantime I’ve been dealing with the phone company. Our phone had a lot of static on it Monday morning, and my internet was out. I’ll spare you the details, but it turns out the problem is intermittent. I’ve spent many phone calls going through their menus, hearing different stories from different people, getting put on hold, etc. But I do know a lot more about the system than I did before. We had a similar problem Tuesday morning, so from time to time I reset the system by unplugging and reconnecting everything. Eventually it started working again, and so far (I’m writing this Wednesday afternoon) everything is working fine. And just as important, if it happens again:
For me getting curious, gathering information, and making plans is a lot more fun than feeling frustrated. Does that work for you too?

Thanks to Mike, Evan, tammy, bikehikebabe and Rummuser for commenting on last week’s post.
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  1. Mike says:

    As I upload a lot of material, particularly with my civil war blog, , and photo projects to exit78, it’s pretty frustrating when the internet is not available, or when the web server is having issues. While it is not generally of long duration and really doesn’t happen that often, when it does occur, I just find something else to do.

    Our Arkansas weather has turned to summer — hot and humid. We went to Karen’s brother’s place yesterday morning to pick blueberries. We got 2 gallons and I was dripping with sweat. He’s on vacation and we were told by phone call and text that we could get some produce from the garden, too — after we were already back home, 30 minutes away. Karen was thinking about going back out there this morning, but it was already 75°F when she got up a little after 6 this morning.

    Another thing that is frustrating is when the computer shuts down for a Windows update. It just happened near the end of the last sentence in the last paragraph. I thought I was going to lose the whole comment, but apparently there’s a backup for in progress forms now, probably in Firefox. Cool! 😉

  2. Evan says:

    I think it depends on the source and degree of frustration.

  3. bikehikebabe says:

    Like the comment on a blog of a friend, “Life is a bitch and then you die.” 😀 Here’s where you laugh. 😀

  4. Ursula says:

    To answer your question: It is, of course, frustration which propels us into action, making us try to find solutions.


  5. Cathy in NZ says:

    A few months ago my phone had bad static, to a point where it was really annoying me. Then my computer internet connection died. Vodafone, sent a technician and one of the problems he was solved was that nowadays certain connections do not rout through other boxes (you know that tangle of cords at the back of things), so he plugged it into something else, and bingo no more static! Modern technology has moved on a lot…

    Those fires seem very close to you and your little paradise but maybe as you say things are “under control”

    My frustrations of the bathroom revamp, having to wash in cold basement laundry tub are mostly all gone. I do like the new shower cubicle – still need to solve completely where to have the head-slide, which angle and so on. Need to find something that will not scratch the panels to store things on…also missing plug for vanity but that is on the way!

    Still needed is vinyl flooring replaced, some spyholes to the basement filled in (previous pipes to other vanity). Oh, and getting used to where the vanity now is :-) and remembering it is all functioning!

    House suddenly feels better, I had planned to shift…but since ceiling insulation & chimneys capped so much warmer. Time will tell…

  6. Jean says:

    Bless Firefox! I use Macs, so they warn us before updating. Is it possible to turn off automatic updating? Does this article apply to you?

    I don’t envy you the humidity. We’ve just had a couple of 90 degree days, and it hasn’t been fun even with low humidity. One night the smoke was so bad we had to keep most of the windows closed, but hopefully the worst of that is over now.

    Our phone/internet provider has been remarkably reliable. We suspect the problem was with the ancient terminal box on the side of our apartment building. But things are working just fine again.

    I agree with you that it depends on the situation. I also think with practice we can handle bigger nuisances without getting frustrated. I was pleased Monday morning when I was trying to reach the phone company repair section and had trouble hearing the menu items through all of the static. It was so bad I ended up laughing. I did manage to guess correctly, and when I got connected to a real person I kept reminding her to speak slowly and loudly. Andy left his cell phone down here Tuesday morning, and I did use it for one call. Then the battery needed recharging. :)

    I laughed when I first heard that line, but I’m not sure there isn’t more to life than that. :)

    Do you think frustration propels everyone into action? That hasn’t been my experience. Some people prefer complaining.

    I hope you love your place after the changes. Moving is a major nuisance! It sounds as if things are going well for you.

  7. Mike says:

    Normally, there is a warning before an update, but sometimes I miss it. Thanks, but I don’t want to turn off auto updating. It’s generally not an issue.

  8. Rummuser says:

    Since I live in a city which is populated by a number of IT companies, it is very rare to lose connectivity or get other problems with telephones and so on. Sometimes, the power goes off due to a tree falling or some thing like that and that causes some inconvenience but my inverter takes over and I am back in business again soon.

    Like you, I do not get frustrated, but get into an action mode to try and find some way to overcome an obstacle. The tougher the challenge, the happier I am.

    I must be a freak!

  9. tammyj says:

    you didn’t mention as an option to sit and contemplate your belly button! sometimes that is the best approach!
    i truly seldom get angry with people oddly enough. i cut them all kinds of slack.
    machinery of any kind i.e. technology… on the other hand…
    i get FRUSTRATED!!! and i know they don’t like me. they really don’t. i’m trying to alter that. working on it.
    working on it.
    like the marine says… “you just have to be smarter than vinyl…” or whichever is applicable at the time… it is sometimes “metal” or “plastic”… you get the picture! LOL.
    he is calm and cool headed enough for both of us. and he makes me laugh.

  10. Jean says:

    “The tougher the challenge, the happier I am.” That’s great. It sounds as if now that your father is gone your challenges are at just the right level.

    You’re right — sometimes just sitting is the best option:

    I’m glad you have the marine to help you out with technical glitches.

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