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Montana is lost. She and Sammy were getting groomed Monday when she managed to escape and run away. The heartbreaking part is the groomers had taken off her collar and tags, so she doesn’t have her return information on her. On the other hand, she has been microchipped, which is invaluable if she winds up in a shelter.

Kaitlin and Torben have been searching for her, of course, but no luck so far. Still, all is not lost — they found good information online about how to proceed, and Kaitlin stayed up until 3 yesterday morning designing posters. By now they have a lot of people helping to spread the word and hopefully some of the things they are trying will pay off. Torben has written about it in At a Loss for Words.

Please keep your fingers crossed for them all.


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Mindless Doofus


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Trump gives some people options.


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Communing With Nature


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Fortunately Koko can just come inside and do something else. He has more sense than to try to garden or raise fruit trees. As Peter Mayle says In a Year in Provence,

It would be fighting nature, and nature always wins. It has more stamina and it never stops for lunch.

Mayle does have a point. Here’s a picture Andy took in 2004:

poor golden delicious

He added the description,

Golden delicious tree struggling after gophers, mice, insects, turkeys and bear. It will be interesting to see whether this tree makes it.

Well, no it didn’t. But if it had survived it would have burned up in the 2011 fire.

There are worse things than having nature avoid you.


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Boaty McBoatface


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I burst out laughing at this cartoon, but it’s only funny if you know the story:

British democracy has survived all sorts of things: the unraveling of the British Empire, independence movements in Ireland and Scotland, and …. But never before has it confronted Boaty McBoatface.

The boat, which is really a ship, acquired new significance this week [April, 2016], when a British official suggested he wouldn’t respect the results of an online government poll in which more than 124,000 people voted to christen the country’s new $300-million research vessel “Boaty McBoatface.” The name received three times more votes than the runner-up entry. The people of the Internet had spoken emphatically, and they’d spoken like a five-year-old.
Boaty McBoatface and the False Promise of Democracy

The National Environmental Research Coumcil had the competition to try to get people interested in the ship and its research on global warming, rising sea levels, etc. The council had reserved the right to pick the final name, and they chose Sir David Attenborough.

Here is an artist’s depiction of what the ship will look like.

The moral of the story, of course, is be careful when you let people vote. The results might not be what you had hoped for.


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I don’t have a smart phone, but I love my WiFi iPad.


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Flower Beds


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Sounds like good thinking to me. You won’t find Sammy arguing.

7-13-14 Sammy in the flower bed


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There’s a commotion in some circles because parts of Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican convention were suspiciously like the speech Michelle Obama gave in 2008.

Yes, it’s probably plagiarism, but I don’t care. They’re just political speeches and don’t mean anything. Donald Trump would probably not be a contender today if Barack Obama had fulfilled his 2008 promise:

I just have two words for you tonight: five days. Five days. After decades of broken politics in Washington, and eight years of failed policies from George W. Bush, and 21 months of a campaign that’s taken us from the rocky coast of Maine to the sunshine of California, we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

In five days, you can turn the page on policies that put greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street before the hard work and sacrifice of folks on Main Street. In five days, you can choose policies that invest in our middle class, and create new jobs, and grow this economy, so that everyone has a chance to succeed, not just the CEO, but the secretary and janitor, not just the factory owner, but the men and women on the factory floor.

Those working people are worse off now than they were in 2008, which is a big reason Trump is doing so well. I can’t see either Trump or Clinton helping the situation, but I hope I’m wrong. In the meantime I’ll ignore the speeches and see what the winner actually does.


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Lest You Think…

Lest you think Montana is just a jock, she’s also a serious scholar.

studious montana

Thanks Torben and Kaitlin!


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Montana Tornado

This video explains why they call her Montana Tornado, or, as she signs her blog, Mo-tor.

Thank you, Torben!


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